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The pinnacle concern of any veterinarian is the safety and well-being of their patients.  HBOT treatments are safe and non-invasive, however just like with any standard equipment in a veterinary facility, the operator MUST be trained by competent industry professionals to ensure not only the safety of the animals they are treating but also for their own well being and those working beside them.



   1.  HVM is lead by executives, veterinarians and certified hyperbaric technicians with over 20 years

        experience in both human and veterinary medicine.

   2.  The HVM chamber is NOT a repurposed, acrylic human chamber.  Its patented steel design

        is engineered and manufactured to handle the unique challenges of treating animals, which differ

        greatly to those of treating humans.  The steel hull greatly minimizes potential damage from an     

        animal that may bite or scratch at the vessel.  It also allows for more stable temperature           

        control during use, and the humidity level is easier to maintain at a higher (safer) percentage.

        For these reasons, HVM steel chambers present a safer option for animal use.

   3.  ALL veterinarians and technicians who operate HVM chambers must pass a

        thorough VHA Approved training program before they are authorized to treat animals without

        a supervisor.

Hyperbaric Veterinary Medicine is the unparalleled leader in the area of veterinary hyperbarics due to these facts:


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