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hyperbaric veterinary medicine
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hyperbaric veterinary medicine
hvm Model 3200 Veterinary Hyperbaric Chamber

Made in the USA, CE Certified and 

VHMS Approved, the chamber is fully supported, installed and delivered by professionals 

with 20 Plus Years in the field

of hyperbarics.

All of hvm's veterinary hbot chambers are made right here in the USA
The hvm Advantage
Veterinary Hyperbaric Medicine Society Seal - VHMS
Model: HVM3200 Veterinary HBOT Chamber
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Hyperbaric Veterinary Medicine is the originator of the Small-Animal Veterinary Hyperbaric Chamber.  Due to HVM's success, human hyperbaric companies are now trying to repurpose their human hyperbaric chamber materials  into veterinary models.  HVM remains as the ONLY current manufacturer of 100% veterinary engineered steel chambers and approved by the VHMS.  


HVM's mission is to provide ALL veterinary facilities with the ability to safely deliver one of the most advanced treatment modalities available in modern medicine to their patients.  The healing power of hyperbaric oxygen under pressure is no longer a secret or myth.  The results from HBOT being used as a primary and adjunctive treatment have become simply undeniable.


HVM is willing to work with veterinarians and practice administrators to ensure costs are kept low, staff is fully and professionally trained and that the chamber is not only healing patients but also providing a steady revenue stream for the practice or hospital.


HVM's business model is designed only to succeed when our clients succeed.

Shipping, DeliveryInstallation and Training are all FREE.

HVM provides the Veterinary Chamber at NO cost.

hvm's Hyperbaric Chamber is 100% safe and painless for all pets

Technical and Maintenance Issues are all FULLY supported by HVM.

Pay As You Go

Multiple Ownership Options Available as well.


1020 Holland Dr., Suite 105

Boca Raton, FL  33487


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