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Shelena Hoberg, CHT, CHT-V

Shelena Hoberg, CHT, CHT-V

Hyperbaric Training and Education Consultant

Shelena Hoberg, CHT, CHT-V - Director of Hyperbaric and Education for hvm

Coming from Australia, Shelena served as an equine veterinary nurse and certified equine and canine therapist in her homeland before relocating to the USA in 2001.

She entered the field of Veterinary Hyperbarics in 2003 and has provided training, consulting and operations advice to multiple facilities worldwide for over a decade.

Shelena is on the founding committee of the VHMS, and in conjunction with the UHMS and NBDHMT, developed the current certification for CHT-V candidates.

She also serves on the faculty for International ATMO presenting the HMTT for Animal Applications course, a member of the UHMS and  appointed as a Principal on the Animal Housing Facilities (NFPA 150) Committee with the NFPA.

Andrew Turkell, DVM,


Andrew Turkell, DVM,


Veterinary Medical Consultant

After graduating from Araneta University in 1979, Dr. Andrew Turkell chose South Florida as the place where he wanted to live and practice.

Andrew Turkell, DVM - Veterinary Medical Consultant to Hyperbaric Veterinary Medicine (hvm)

In September of 2006, Dr. Turkell realized his 25-year dream by opening the Calusa Veterinary Center, a state-of-the-art facility where he was one of the first in the country to pioneer hyperbarics as a viable treatment for pets.

Since 2011, Dr. Turkell and his staff have administered over 4000 treatments in the veterinary hyperbaric chamber, enabling them to accelerate healing times while increasing revenue for the practice.


Dr. Turkell is also one of the first to receive the certification, CHT-V, as a Certified Hyperbaric Technologist - Veterinary.

Mindy Johnson, DVM,


Veterinary Medical Consultant

Mindy Johnson, DVM, CCRT, CHT-V

Shelena Hoberg, CHT, CHT-V - Director of Hyperbaric and Education for hvm

Dr. Mindy Johnson earned her degree in Veterinary Medicine in 1998 from the University fo Tennessee. She attended the Veterinary Rehabilitation course thru the University of Tennessee and became

a Certified Canine Rehabilitation Therapist (CCRT) thru the Canine Rehabilitation Institute in Florida.  

She opened a new full-service hospital and rehabilitation center "Veterinary Wellness Center" in Lexington, KY at "Uptown Hounds Boarding

Facility."  Dr. Johnson's new clinic includes an impressive list of rehabilitation and medical therapies including hyperbaric oxygen therapy.


Dr. Johnson has been utilizing the beneficial effect of HBOT in the Treatment of traumatic injuries, rehabilitation cases and medical conditions as an adjunct therapy since 2005 in dogs, cats and other animals.  She is a Certified Hyperbaric Technologist-Veterinary (CHT-V) by the National Board of Diving and Hyperbaric Technology (NBDHMT).

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