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How much does it cost to install a chamber?


With HVM's Partner2Owner Program, delivery, installation and training for the entire Practice is FREE.  The only expense to the Practice is a simple vent pipe and their supply of oxygen (O2) for the treatments.  And at the conclusion of the program, the Practice has the option to own a chamber.  We also have traditional

Purchase Programs available as well.


How much room is required for a Veterinary Hyperbaric

Oxygen Chamber?


HVM’s patented veterinary chamber is engineered specifically for small animals and pets and easily fits into an 8’x10’ standard treatment room.



Are there any dangers in working with a hyperbaric chamber?


Just like any piece of equipment, medical or otherwise, proper training is required in order to operate the chamber safely and efficiently.  If not used properly, MRI machines, CT Scanners,

K-Lasers and X-Ray imaging equipment can severely injure both the operator and patient.  A hyperbaric chamber is no different, proper training is essential and HVM requires all staff members who will operate the chamber to be tested and certified, which is provided at no cost.



What kind of training is required for staff to operate the chamber?


Safety and Training are of the highest importance to HVM.  That’s why we consult with HBOT professionals from the Veterinary Hyperbaric Medicine Society (VHMS)HVM is the only current manufacturer of acrylic-free veterinary hyperbaric chambers with a training protocol approved by the VHMS.  Every veterinarian and technician who will operate a chamber must go through a training session headed by a Certified Veterinary Technician-Veterinary (CHT-V).  They then must pass an exam in order to be certified by HVM to operate the chamber.  The safe and proper operation of the chamber is paramount to HVM, and HVM will continue to certify new staff members for FREE for as long as the chamber is in use at the facility.



What indications can the veterinary hyperbaric chamber be used for?


In April 2012, DVM Newsmagazine put out a list of over 40 indications that Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (HBOT) was being used to successfully help animals.  Today, veterinarians at HVM chamber-equipped facilities have successfully utilized the technology for over 150 indications as either a primary or adjunct form of treatment in over 100,000 cases worldwide.



Does the chamber include a warranty or require any type

of maintenance?


Under HVM’s Partner2Owner Program, all service and repairs are 100% covered by HVM.  The veterinary facility is only responsible for basic, minimum monthly maintenance, e.g. keeping the chamber clean, greasing the door plates, etc.



If a staff member requires assistance with the chamber, is there a number to call?


Yes, HVM’s main number (800-928-6886) features an “after hours” message system that directs your question to the appropriate

on-call HVM officer so we can get you assistance in a

timely manner.



Why should I choose an HVM chamber over other animal or used human chambers?


HVM chambers are engineered specifically for the safety and comfort of small animals and pets.  Safety will always be a priority over aesthetics with our chambers.  Clear acrylic chambers may look more pleasing; however they are not recommended for use with animals.  Over time animal scratching can cause micro-fractures in acrylic called “crazing.”  As the crazing builds, it can cause an eventual rupture of the cylinder when it’s under pressure.  HVM chambers are built from steel and thick borosilicate/crystal glass, which is impervious to crazing and promotes

adequate humidity levels.

Furthermore, a clear acrylic tube lends itself to many distractions for the patient to view during the treatments.  The smaller viewing ports on an HVM chamber give the patient a more confined, comforting environment, letting them relax and even sleep through the treatment.



What is the significance of VHMS Approval on a veterinary

hyperbaric chamber?


The Veterinary Hyperbaric Medicine Society (VHMS) was formed in the early 2000’s by a small nucleus of interested people, passionate about the use of veterinary hyperbaric medicine.  The VHMS recognized a need to provide quality training for veterinarians and veterinary technicians in hyperbaric medicine, chamber safety and chamber operation, specific to animal species. This formal training is critical to providing successful hyperbaric treatment of animal patients and for ensuring the safe operation of animal chambers.

Currently, HVM is the only active manufacturer of acrylic-free veterinary hyperbaric chambers and a training protocol that either meets or exceeds VHMS standards.


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