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Why veterinarians should ONLY use a steel "Class C" Hyperbaric Chamber for treating animals:


Only HVM's Animal specific "Class C" chambers are built with steel and thick borosilicate glass construction.


Steel chambers eliminate the possibility of "crazing," and are engineered specifically 

to limit outside distractions and keep the animal safe and comfortable.

Class C:


 steel chamber


○ non-acrylic


○ unlimited

    life cycle

hyperbaric veterinary medicine's steel veterinary chamber eliminates the possibility of rupture from "crazing"
hvm's hyperbaric chamber is composed of steel and borosilicate glass

Unlimited Life Cycle

HVM's Steel "Class C" cylinders do NOT have a predetermined life cycle and can last the life of the chamber with standard maintenance.



○ prone to crazing


clear cylinder

    leads to unrest 


○ limited life cycle

hvm chambers vs human chambers


Animal scratching of the internal surface of the acrylic tube would constitute "crazing," which is a network of fine cracks. Deep crazing (.010") can compromise the integrity of the acrylic cylinder and ultimately cause it to rupture, which can lead to serious injury to both the animal and the operator.

10 year Life Cycle

Acrylic cylinders have a life cycle of approx. 10 years, at which time they should have a complete factory overhaul.  Estimated Cost:  $30-50K

hvm Vs.




mild hyperbaric CHAMBER

Mild acrylic & inflatable chambers are NOT considered true hyperbaric chambers, they are only capable of pressurizations reaching 1.3 atmospheres or less, this is called "mild hyperbaric oxygen therapy" (mHBOT). They cannot regrow bone and tissue and can actually increase growth of undesirable aerobic bacteria.



○ mild hbot


○ fragile design


○ can increase



hvm chambers vs inflatable chambers


The integrity of acrylic & inflatable chambers can be compromised by animals and are NOT safe for veterinary use.

hvm chambers vs inflatable chambers
hvm's veterinary chambers is manufactured in accordancw with the provisions of the ASME

Manufactured in accordance with the provisions of the ASME Boiler and Pressure Vessel Code, Section VIII, Division 1 (American Society of Mechanical Engineers)

hvm's Model 3200 Veterinary Hyperbaric Chamber
hvm's veterinary chamber is in accordancw with QA and GMP
QA and GMP

​Manufactured in accordance with QA (Quality Assurance) and GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice)​​

hvm's Model 3200 "Class C" Veterinary Hyperbaric Chamber
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